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BGOA, doubles down on its commitment with an estimated $7.1 million dollar 2018, pledge for civic and corporate responsibility.

Nassau, NP, 14th March 2018

Today, the CEO of The Bahamas Gaming Operators Association (BGOA), Mr. Gershan A. Major, is pleased to announce that the BGOA, has completed its 20018 budget and annual operating plan. It is estimated that a total of $4.1 million dollars, will derive from the statutory requirement from the industry for its for civic and corporate responsibility. The Association has committed to inject an additional $3 million dollars, bringing its total commitment to $7.1 million dollars for 2018.

This increase will assist the association in executing its planned social and philanthropic initiatives for the calendar year. Mr. Major noted that, “I am so pleased that the Board of Directors have agreed to increase the Association’s commitment for 2018, to ensure we are able to effectively fulfil our broader community building mandate in meeting our civic and corporate responsibility.”

The BGOA set out very early in this year, to focus on the areas of Education, Culture, Sports, Wellness, Innovation in Technology & Entrepreneurship. We recognize the tremendous need to continue to build a civil and functional society, where our people are afforded the opportunity to add value to the process with their gifts, talents and skills. The local Gaming Industry, continues to show its commitment to the Bahamas and its people in areas, which need the type and form of support we seek to provide. Additionally, the BGOA will significantly promote the awareness and education of Gaming Responsibly.

The BGOA, will begin in earnest, executing on its plans, beginning with our Adopt a School Program, affording scholarships to the best and brightest in our educational system, starting at the Primary School level. Additionally, the BGOA, will be investing in creating community centres through-out The Bahamas, to provide a venue for persons to connect through bridging the digital divide, poetry and story-telling, cultural expressions, app development and coding for the technologically inclined and overall sharing of information through meetings and other wholesome community activities for all ages. The BGOA, will be introducing opportunities for entrepreneurial development, ensuring great ideas are supported both financially and via mentorship programs. We also recognize that the health of a nation, is truly the wealth of a nation. In this respect, we will be promoting wellness, in the areas of life style and health management, especially in the areas where the Bahamas is most challenged, like hypertension, diabetes, including areas of mental health. We will support innovation and technological advancements – with a focus on math and science, app development and coding in concert with the relevant educational institutions and other corporate partners.

Mr. Major further noted, “we believe in nation building, which in the words of the former Governor General, Sir Arthur Foulkes, is about the building of a people.”

The Bahamas Gaming Operators Association (BGOA) is a non-profit organization that represents the approved licensees of the domestic Gaming Industry. Its objectives are to promote awareness and education of the local gaming industry and advocate for fair and equitable public policy, regulation and legislation, based on factual data and research. The Association exists to ensure the continued innovation and sustainability of the domestic Gaming Industry for the benefit of all of its stakeholders. It will also consistently promote responsible gaming, as part of its broader community building initiatives and overall contribution to the economy of The Bahamas.